This is the first project I worked on as part of Shane Olson's 3D Character Workshop course. I had a tonne of fun sculpting this guy in ZBrush, then rendered out using Blender.
Here's a little self portrait I sculpted in ZBrush over a couple of nights after work. Rendered out in Blender.
I really enjoyed playing around with digital sculpting last year and have just found some spare time to dive further into it. With this guy I combined some sculpted details with subtle normal maps out of dDo from the Quixel Suite. I'm really looking forward to adding more to this collection soon :)
Below are a few quick(ish), older sculpts I worked on in Blender. The first one was an excuse to play around with subsurface scattering and depth of field, the other two were just some early experiments with a couple of exaggerated faces. I enjoyed these side project, and am really impressed with what Blender can produce!
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