I grew up in Brisbane, Australia with 80's cartoons and spent most of my spare time drawing. When Dad brought home our first PC I instantly took to MSPaint and recreated my favourite characters, later animating them in a program whose name escapes me. Always interested in cartoons, comics, art, design and anything visually appealing, I studied Fine Art and Animation at TAFE before beginning my career in '99 as a 2D/3D generalist at an agency tackling a range of tasks from designing websites to animating kids cartoons.
I then moved into the games industry and had a great time working with awesome people on a number of projects (both PC and console). Since then, I've spent time freelancing across a wide range of projects, worked in the arch-viz and VR space for a few years before finding my way back to games where I've been designing and creating characters and props for an upcoming mobile game.

To view my Resume, please visit my LinkedIn profile here.
Shaun Campbell
-    3D Artist with experience creating Props, Characters and UI for Mobile, PC, VR and Console
-    8 years games industry experience (20+ yrs in creative industries)
-    Shipped titles as artist (PC, Console and Mobile)
-    Proficient in 3D software (Blender, ZBrush, Max)
-    Proficient in 2D software (Substance Painter, Photoshop, Illustrator, Procreate)
-    Working experience with Jira, Miro, Perforce
-    5 yrs experience with Unity (prefabs, baked lighting, asset management, custom collision meshes)
-    Experienced optimising models for various platforms (including LODs)
-    Reliable, hard-working and creative, I'm always keen to learn new techniques
-    Have worked as part of a team as well as individually (in both studio and remote positions)
-    7+ yrs contract work with repeat clients across a range of industries
-    Animation and Motion Graphics experience
-    Enjoys traditional drawing and painting (canvases and murals)

Shipped Titles
- Battle Group - Bane Games Contract - 2D Artist (iOS & Android 2012)
- Scoop Groups - Bane Games Contract - 2D Artist (iOS 2012)
- Flick Buddies - Bane Games Contract - 3D Artist (iOS 2010)
- Battlestar Galactica - Auran - Artist (XBox 360 2007)
- MyVirtualHome - Auran - 3D/2D Artist (PC 2005)
- The Last Airbender - THQ Contract - UI Artist (Wii 2010)
- Lylian: Episode one - PixelPickle Games - Contract - 2D Art (PC 2010)
- Trainz Railwayz - Auran- 3D/2D Artist (PC 2007)
- Turbo Trainz - N3V Games Contract - Cover Art (Wii 2012)
- Australia Zoo Quest - N3V Games Contract - 2D Artist (PC 2008)
- Bridge-It - Auran - 3D Artist (PC 2003)
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