Played from a top down perspective, Battle Group features a new take on action oriented naval warfare. Players command a fleet of real world, modern day fighting ships; directing advanced weapons systems such as anti-air missiles, large naval guns and jump jet interceptors. Quick reactions and tactical decision making will be required to defeat an assortment of land, sea and air based opponents. The developing story revolves around an international effort to combat a global conglomeration of powerful pirates whose sinister goals are revealed throughout the 25+ mission campaign. The game is being developed for touch screen phones, PC and Mac via digital distribution, adapting to the advantages offered by each systems input methods.
Executive Producer: Justin Kelly
Programming and Producer: Alistair Doulin (Bane Games)Design and Levels: Simon Neech (Bane Games)Art: Shaun CampbellAudio: Mick GordonVoice Acting: Bob Carter
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