After seeing the amazing work done on Hogwarts Legacy, I wanted to make something that could live in the same world. I decided to create Lucius Malfoy's Death Eater Mask and imagined he might keep it tucked away in a storage case when not wearing it (locked by simple turn handles as well as (of course) magic!).

I took the motifs from the mask to inform the design of the case. I imagined each of the Death Eaters would have their own cases, each with case design matching their mask. 
The case is just under 4k triangles and uses 2k textures (albedo, normal and ORM) and the mask came in just under 3k triangles and uses 1k textures.
The basic blockout was done in Blender, then transferred over to ZBrush to add a heap of damage and detail before coming back to Blender for retopo. Everything was then baked in Painter and texturing was done via a combination of procedural masks and custom painted details. Renders were done in Marmoset.
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