" Multiplayer Madness for iOS Devices!

Flick Buddies is the newest (in 2010 ;p) in multiplayer fun for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch devices. Can you defeat your friends, family or strangers in this frantic, flicking fun-filled game of action? Time your shots and activate your array of special abilities to score the most goals and become a Flick Buddies master!

Flick Buddies supports up to four players at once and includes a single player mode against a challenging AI opponent (for when friends are scarce). Players will have a choice of four themes of nutty characters and environments, spread over twelve unlockable levels. So what are you waiting for, start clicking and get flicking!
Programming: Bane Games (Alistair Doulin, Simon Neech)
Art: Shaun Campbell
Audio : Indie Noizes (Mick Gordon)
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