Multiplayer Madness for iOS Devices!

Flick Buddies is the newest in multiplayer fun for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch devices. Can you defeat your friends, family or strangers in this frantic, flicking fun-filled game of action? Time your shots and activate your array of special abilities to score the most goals and become a Flick Buddies master!

Flick Buddies
supports up to four players at once and includes a single player mode against a challenging AI opponent (for when friends are scarce). Players will have a choice of four themes of nutty characters and environments, spread over twelve unlockable levels. So what are you waiting for, start clicking and get flicking!
Programming: Bane Games (Alistair Doulin, Simon Neech)
Art: Shaun Campbell
Audio : Indie Noizes (Mick Gordon)
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