Being a huge Nintendo fan, I have been wanting to make a Mario Kart inspired version of my lil Mazda Demio for years and I finally found some time.  I had a heap of fun with this one and I picked up a bunch of tips from Chris Plush's CG Master's "Master Car Creation in Blender" course, which was playing while I worked (I highly recommend his course, he's a great teacher!). 
Car and environment made in Blender, textures and post processing in Photoshop and character sculpted in ZBrush.
I also created a game ready version of the car, baking the high res model down to a low poly model (8k tris, 2k texture). Baking and texturing done inside Substance Painter. I'm planning on getting this setup as a driveable car in Unreal once I free up some time.
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