The goal of this project was to get more familiar with Unreal Engine 5, as well as demonstrating my knowledge of & the use of trim sheets and modular assets.
The completed trim sheet (well, almost complete, I've left some space in the bottom right to revisit the scene later and add cables/pipes). There are sections that tile left to right, other parts that tile when the geometry supports it, as well as normal map decals and text/illuminated decals. More versatility was given to the material by referencing the model's vertex colours to tint parts of the material when applied. This one material was all that was used for the whole scene (except for the skybox and patterned glass door).
I added to the realism by using anchor points so the damage and wear would be applied to the manually created height/normal detail in the same way it affected the baked normals.
It was a fun project and I feel more comfortable working inside Unreal now (after 8+yrs of Unity).
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